Chapter 3 
(February 2015):


Mummy and Daddy are working on my socialization. Gee, I thought I was already pretty social!  I was housebroken in 2 weeks, have good manners and play and converse with everybody. Iím always the life of the party, throw myself into peopleís arms and make doggies feel welcome (play, play, play!).

They took me along to meet friends at a restaurant. What a relief! I didnít have to learn to use a knife and fork, though I wasnít allowed to sit at the table but rather under the table. Second-class citizen. After 5-10 minutes I could see there was nothing in it for me and slept soundly on my blanket for 2 Ĺ hours while they ate and chewed the fat. You canít believe how I would have enjoyed the leftovers, but my folks said Ąno eating from the tableď. The waitress was so impressed with me that she rewarded me with treats before we left. They were a little hard for my baby teeth but I chomped on them determinedly to make her feel appreciated. I passed that test with flying colors.

Next step was the city of Bremen; Bramstedt village is too quiet to learn new things. Iíve already made myself at home in my car crate. Quite comfy and I neednít complain, for which I get a lot of praise from Mummy and Daddy. Iím so calm in the car that once Mummy made Daddy stop so she could get out and make sure they hadnít forgotten to put me in! In the parking ramp I had to ride an elevator. Whoa! I prefer Mummyvator and Daddyvator but this is what we drove all the way to Bremen for. I had to do it on my own 4 feet. On Market Square I saw my first pigeon, but they wouldnít let me play with it. Bummer! This education stuff is for the birds. Then we went in a garden store and the slippery linoleum floor kept whomping me in the tummy. I was so cute, though,  that Mummy had to pass out my calling cards. In a department store the floors attacked again. It turns out that if I donít pull, I donít fall down. But then I wonít get anywhere, will I?  I had to ride 5 more elevators. Daddy pushed me in when I balked, because they didnít want me left outside with my leash between us when the doors shut. I was calm but surprised when the floor moved and when it stopped, I left under my own steam. They gave me a ĄBď on city life.

Next day Daddy drove us to the train station in Syke. The platforms in our Bramstedt are too narrow and I could be scared and flip out if a big ICC train slammed past.In Syke we could stand way back from the tracks, but the big train didnít go by! Mummy lifted me into the local train, which doesnít screech or whoosh, and we got off seven minutes later, the second stop, where I stepped off in a ladylike manner, head and tail held high.  While we waited for slow-poke Daddy to pick us up in the car, Mummy made me ride the elevator up and down at the Kirch-weyhe station. I still didnít go in volun-tarily. Next time she can ride the train alone and Iíll go with Daddy. I would have got an ĄAď on Introduction to Trains 101 but they took off half a grade for the delayed elevator entry.

Went to Puppy Agility class 101 again. Why donít they let me play with my classmates? I showed my teacher that I had been doing my homework:  target practice and going left and right around a cone, but I can do that at home and I really wanted recess for the whole lesson. Trainer Annika said I should go to Puppy School, too. Bullís eye!  I couldnít wait to see those other pups on Monday! Again I wasnít allowed to play with my classmates.

 Mummy walked me up and down the main street in Syke a few days ago; she said I got a ĄDď and we will have to practice there every day. Next time I was almost an angel and got a B+. Today an A- but I missed out on a lot of sniffs that way.  She took me to the market square in Kirchweyhe and I got an ĄAď  for heeling 25 steps between rewards and walking calmly into the elevator 4 times out of 4.

On Monday we went to school again. Mummy brought along my liverwurst tube. Trainer Annika said: Jackpot!  I paid 70% more attention to Mummy than before and everybody was happy. I did, of course, make a couple of attempts to cheat and yank on my leash to reach my classmates. I made up for that with a few good sits, lies and a bit of stay.

SaturdayAuntie Uschi noticed that I was missing a tooth!  Already? Next day top and bottom fronties were missing. No corn on the cob for RůisŪn!  I had to gum my toys. Mummy was worried that we had played tug too hard,because there was no sign of new big girlís teeth but today they were there,bigger than the old ones!  Like my trainer says, Iím an early and quick developer.

Then there was a strange board on the patio. Did I have to walk the plank? Yep, said Mummy, and put cheese bits along the plank. It took me two times with a leash and I had figured it out! Plank: cheese: good! Now I go over it with gusto. In the second session I went voluntarily and did lovely 2-off 2-ons at the other end, including a stay, while Mummy went on to the hedge and back. A+ !!! Then she held a hulahoop in front of me and I had to walk through it to get my cheese. Thatís like taking candy from a baby. Mummy says I will be an agility doggie.

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