The Life and Antics of Róisín na Dun na nGall

Dear family and friends,

My name is

Róisín na Dun na nGall

("Ro-sheen from Donegal").

Like my two predecessors, I am an Irish Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier or - as the Irish call me - a "Brocaire Bruí".

Róisín means "Little Rose" in Gaelic but actually this is not about a flower. While Ireland was occupied, the Irish were not allowed to sing protest songs so they camouflaged them as love songs. Little Black Rose is one of the most famous ones. "Róisín Dubh" meant "Ireland" itself. Mummy and Daddy found that appropriate (not Dubh = “black” of course; Wheatens are the color of ripened wheat), as they are loyal fans of my breed’s homeland.

Please join me as I grow and develop new interests and habits. Just click on the links below, which will take you to the different stages and experiences in my life in Bramstedt with Mummy and Daddy and my friends.

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Chapter  1: Arrived!
Chapter  2: Growing Like a Weed
Chapter  3: Socializing
Chapter  4: A Week in the Life of a Schoolgirl
Chapter  5: At the Hairdresser's
Chapter  6: Harry's Back!
Chapter  7: Kindergarden Graduation
Chapter  8: Good Girl Goes to Groningen
Chapter  9: On the Catwalk
Chapter 10: More Catwalk
Chapter 11: Róisín's Vocabulary
Chapter 12: A Bunch of Firsts
Chapter 13: Kids R Mine


Chapter 14: Final Exams
Chapter 15: World's Best Traveller Dog
Chapter 16: Patience Is My Middle Name
Chapter 17: I am in the Terrier Magazine!
Chapter 18: Wheaten Winter
Chapter 19: Starting my Sport Career
Chapter 20: My Friends from "Shamrock"
Chapter 21: We Are a Team!
Chapter 22: Wheaten Meetin'
Chapter 23: Róisín's Savoir Vivre
Chapter 24:
Another Wheaten Meetin' at my House
Chapter 25: Mummy's Goddog is my "Brother"
Chapter 26: Mummy Gets a New Knee

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