Chapter 5 
(March 2015):

At the Hairdresser's

I go with Mummy to her hairdresser’s and lie quietly next to her chair. Why do I have to go through Hades with my own hair?

Why couldn’t I be a short-haired shedding dog and skip this grooming business?  Yesterday morning I was on the grooming table to get ready for my first full bath, which was to get me ready for my first haircut today. I had learned easily that it’s better to cooperate with daily brushing, combing, trimming the edges of my ears and the bottom of my paws and let Mummy pull the hair out of my ears a little each time.

I even jump into the shower voluntarily after awalk to get my muddy feet washed.  Sometimes even when they’re not muddy. But this time, she turned the shower all over me, smeared shampoo all over me, rinsed me all over. Then we had a rub down all over with Auntie Sarabeth’s towels, followed by a round of ball playing in the living room. Whew! That’s exhausting!

This noon after another comb-out we drove to the breeders‘. My biological mother and grandmother were not impressed with me and told me off when I wanted to play with them.

Then it was up on the table. I put up with the scissoring and stood still until Breeder-Mom Evelyn got to my butt and head, when Mummy had to hold me still. Hey! Those are my private parts! After all, ex-Mom was taking off all my baby fur! Lastly, Breeder-Dad Achim turned the clippers on my ears! Yikes! We have to practise with the clippers. More homework! In addition to all my homework for three puppy classes a week. Mummy and Daddy have to get used to my big girl haircut. I’m not a fluffy puppy anymore.


Breeder-Mom and Dad said I am developing nicely: teeth (Mummy finally found a baby one at puppy school and saved it for posterity) , neck, back and legs.  Watch me grow!


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