Chapter 11
(August 2015):

Róisín's Vocabulary

Discontinue action. Bummer.

No biting!
See above plus teeth.
  I’ve got this one down now.

Leave it!
It stinks, is dirty or shouldn’t be dug up.
  Bigger bummer.

Leave him/her alone!
This is an older dog who doesn’t want to play with me.

Good girl!
Do that again or continue action. Sometimes followed by a cookie, cheese, liverwurst.

Good piddle (follows go piddle)!
Makes Mummy happy. I do this on the right side of the yard.

Good poop!
Follows go poop and makes Mummy jump for joy. I do this on the left side of the yard by the standing stone.

Whirl around to Mummy’s left knee. I sometimes forget to stay there after I get a cookie.

Look at me!
Look up at Mummy to see treat for heeling. I get a crick in my neck!

Put your butt down on the ground. Do it automatically if Mummy stops during heel.

Follow Mummy’s hand down to the ground. Get reward and jump back up. Why stay down? I now stay down so that Mummy
can walk around me.
  Trainer Annika says I have to do it without a hand signal. Ah, shucks!

No, Mummy never says that word, ‘cause I am not a hen. Fortunately!

Wheatens do not have time for this one. Well, maybe for a few seconds on touch/down on contact zones in agility.
I’m up to 10 minutes at 22 steps distance now. (
We have ¾ year to build up to 10 minutes at 30 yards.)

Come to Mummy, face her and sit. Cookie, cheese or liverwurst tube.

Well, it depends. On a walk, yes of course. In the yard, forget it.

Guten Appetit!
Time for breakfast/lunch/supper.
  I always take my time to approach the dish as if uninterested. If I’m really hungry, I eat like a lady.
Meanwhile I will only eat once a day

Say your prayers!
Lie, put my head down and wait for „Amen!“ (and treat).

Get in the shower!
I have dirty feet. She’s going to turn the water on them. Now I just go in voluntarily because it’s gonna happen anyway.

Turn around!
She wants to get at my back feet in the shower.

Go to bed!
Ah shucks. OK, I’ll go, Mummy, see you in the morning. I’ll waken you at 7:30 or 8:00. Or not.

Go up the narrow ramp of the dog walk, across the top and back down the down ramp.
Or: go up the A-frame and back down the other side, followed by:

In the house put my front paws on a piece of carpet (yes) and stay (yuck). On the patio, after walking the plank (teeter board),
put my front paws down and stay. Wait for cookie. At agility, put my front feet down on the ground with my back feet
on the ramp I just came down. And wait for „OK“.
  I’m good at this.

Release. I can quit what I didn’t really want to do anyway.

Go tunnel!
Find the entrance Mummy is pointing to. Once she pointed too far right and I went there but it was clear, no entrance.
I went back and corrected Mummy’s mistake.

Go left / go right!
At home make a circle round Daddy’s wastebasket. At school and in the backyard round a cone.

Follow Mummy in a tight turn

Gimme Five!
Sit, left paw up, let her shake it, get a cookie.

Look! Where’s Daddy?
  Run for pats and cuddles.

Let’s go upstairs! / Mummyvator!
Put front legs over Mummy’s right arm and be lifted.

Go upstairs or downstairs!
Meanwhile I’m a big girl and have to do them on my own.

Wanna go bye-bye?
Yes! Meet you at the back of the car!
  I’m an angel in the car.

Wanna go for a walk?
Well, of course! Get my harness and leash!

Wanna go outside?
Yes, yes!!! I love my backyard! Why else would the patio doors be all smeared up?

Wanna cookie?
It depends what I have to do to get it. Come in from the yard? No thanks!

Want some water?
If I’m thirsty, I’m plenty glad to drink from a bottle on a walk or a field trip. But my favorite source is my magic stone in the backyard.
You stare at it and then at Mummy/Daddy and suddenly it spouts water.

Don’t sit down on the grooming table. Mummy helps with a hand under my belly if I forget.

Make a 360° turn next to Mummy’s left leg. Do it three times while walking forward. Do not pass “Go”. Do not collect $200.
But a treat.

Right round!
From „Front“ go around behind Mummy and sit at her left side.

Left round!
Flip around from „Front“ into heel position.

Go in the house!
We’re not driving anywhere?

Now we’re working on „stack“ because Mummy says we have two dates in August for me to be shown to a judge. I have to learn to hold my head up with my back feet stretched behind and her holding my tail up by its base. See: Dog Show! I can’t wait to pull and refuse to stand still with all those other dogs around me! Here at home I can stack like a statue. Wait till ex-Mummy sees me; she’s teaching us how to show.

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