Chapter 13 
(May 2016):

Kids R Mine


Mummy and Daddy took the grandkids - Colja and Fenja (9 & 6) - and me to the zoo in Bremerhaven. The polar bear was a bore, pacing back and forth; I couldnít see the mummy polar bear and Baby Lili, who was just my size and world-famous. I barked at a chimpanzee but he didnít wake up. I watched the seals when we went underground and could see them under water. OK but no cigar. Penguins, however, are COOL!

They pecked at me through the glass while I stood at attention, nose to beak! In the aquarium I found a big blue and yellow fish pretty and asked for one for my birthday. But the best of all were the Siberian squirrels. Up and over and down they climbed, while I watched them and they even came to hang on the fence in front of my nose and tease me.They would be ideal playmates.

I let Colja lead me all over. Heís a dear kid and was never afraid of me like he was with my predecessors, despite the sharp little teeth I had as a baby. Can you believe it? Colja used his own pocket money to buy me a scoop of vanilla ice cream! At Daddyís birthday celebration Colja looked after me most of the day, in the restaurant and outdoors. (Yes,doggies are allowed in restaurants in Germany.)  Because he loves me so, he wants to have a dog when heís grown up.

I spent a day at a pet fair in Oldenburg, representing the Irish Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier at the Klub fŁr Terrier stand. It was our job to go into the ring twice with all the other terrier breeds present and the rest of the day be at the stand to answer questions. I lay in the aisle and let everybody pat me, child or adult, and sold visitors on three puppies to be born next spring!! Mummy had to take me out for a potty stop after my first time in the ring and when we came back, two men zoomed in on us and said they had been there 3 times looking for us. Sebastian,  who runs this stand every year,  does a fabulous job of describing each terrier breed, comparing them, giving their history and coat care, etc. His last sentence is that we will be at the stand for questions. (But actually most of the dogs go out to piddle right after that sentence! Have to do better on that next year.) These two men tried to buy me ;-) so Mummy talked them into the next litter which is supposed to have the same parents. Couldn't sell her Sweet Pea! I was a fine representative but in the evening I was kaputt! Mummy says I will major in public relations. She was especially proud that she didnít have to worry about children who wanted to pat me, even babies who donít know how to pat a dog correctly. You can do anything with me.

Our church has a hostel in the woods and we go there for Ascension Day: potluck picnic and outdoor service.  Mummy tied me up in front of the hostel  while she mixed her salad in the kitchen and when she came out, two young boys were cuddling with me. They spent most of the rest of the day leading me around or pattingme.

Again Mummy was glad that I enjoy children and would never hurt them.(Though Mummy has a lot of scratches from my hearty greetings when she gets home!) I was always a bit nervous when Mummy disappeared so during the service, when she had to read the scripture, Daddy stood next to me. How many dogs do you know who have been to church and communion? 

My best friend is the pastorís dog Emmy and we had a wonderful romp together. But the boys are in love with ME.


A very important duo is Mummyís godchildren, who live next door. When my Mummy and Daddy have to be away too long, they and their mummy take me for a walk or let me out in the yard. Lisa and Mona know my English commands and I obey them.  Mummy says I am the most cooperative dog she has ever had. Besides, none was better with kids.


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