Chapter 22 
(May 2017):

Wheaten Meetin'

Mummy and Daddy had a surprise cooked up for me. Suddenly there were 3 cars in front of our house carrying 4 Wheatens:

Lilly, 8 months old
Mokka, 1 ½ years old
Ninjo, 8 months old, the only boy
Nadoo, 8 months old

At 2 ½ I was the eldest until …

We 5 Wheatens were playing in my yard, drinking from my magic fountain and enjoying the weather that had finally turned nice, just in time, when suddenly our original hufolks – our common breeders – were standing on the patio! We were all surprised and  thrilled to have them with us and now there were EIGHT Wheatens! Our mothers Holly and Donna and Grandma Nancy joined us.

When the humans had had coffee and cake, we went for a walk in my fields like an Armada: 8 Wheatens at one blow! We got along great, played and walked together and are looking forward to another meeting in September. Maybe we can dig up a few more vom Don Wheatens not too distant from us. The 8-month-olds are out flat this evening; we grown-ups don’t spend all our energy at once, but we are zzzzzzzzzzzzing now, too.

















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