Chapter 24 
(September 2018):

Another Wheaten Meetin' at my House

Mummy put on her Wheaten T-shirt, Wheaten necklace and earrings and put two extra boards in the dining-room table. Something doggyish was going to happen. I got a full bath, almond oil conditioner and a thorough combing.

Suddenly our street was full of Wheatens: Ninjo and Mokka, Lilly, Jago all the way from Papenburg and the youngest: 13-week-old Wylie from Wilhelmshaven. Mummy was thrilled that these families had been willing to drive up to two hours to have a walk and coffee with me. I was responsible for all of them being adopted by their families, whom I had bewitched in town and at a pet fair. Two more had other dates that day but they will come next time.

Since my vom Don breeders retired, Mummy has sent potential Wheaten owners to Irene and her kennel: Wheaten Goblins. There were four vom Dons and two Goblins yesterday. First we took our 90-minute walk and even little Goblin Wylie managed it. He was an angel: open and friendly but not pesky like so many puppies. Off-leash he just ran with the pack. On-leash he behaved like a gentleman.

When we got home everybody found the weather too nice to go in the house so the adults gathered round the patio table and the kids played with us dogs, did the teeter-totter, tunnel and a hurdle. Mummy had not set up the slalom because she was afraid chasing dogs might run into the poles. But we were all very dignified and just meandered around together.

We all found the fountain good to drink from and everybody was peaceful: Wheatens and humans alike. Aunt Michaela found it difficult to get people inside to advise them on coat care products. Mummy and Josephine put Wiley on my grooming table and he even let Mummy brush him. He was definitely the hero of the day.

Our next doggie date is November 10-11, when we will represent the breed at the Klub für Terrier stand at the pet fair Mein Tier in Oldenburg, like we did when I convinced Lilly’s, Jago’s and Wylie’s families that they needed a Wheaten. See chapters 16-17. Two Goblin girls still need families so I will be on my best behavior. As always.


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