Chapter 16 
(November and December 2016):

Patience Is My Middle Name

I had already proven my virtue of patience, not only in France (chapter 15) but also when waiting for Mummy at 30 yards with her back turned for 10 minutes in the exam in chapter 14.

In November Mummy combed and brushed and trimmed me. We went back to the My Pet fair in Oldenburg to represent my breed at the Klub für Terrier stand again. This time Mummy set my grooming table up at the front of the stand. I sat or stood on it like a statue for two days, 8 hours a day, except when we were in the ring or outside for a pit stop. People came by, did a double take and exclaimed, „I thought it was a stuffed toy dog!“ Mummy always encouraged them to pat me and I automatically gave them my paw; children were given tiny treats to feed me, because I’m so gentle. Hundreds of people were enthusiastic about my beauty, gentleness and patience. A mother and daughter were so smitten that they returned 4 times, twice when we were in the ring to show the terrier breeds. Daughter Greta was expecting to get her first dog in spring, but my breeder had a litter at this time and they went fast-forward in their puppy planning. (See below!)

At the fair Mummy could leave me on the table and ask other terrier owners to look after me when she went to the kitchenette. I never moved a muscle. At training she once forgot to tie me up when she went to powder her nose; when she came back I was still in the same spot. Patience is my middle name. I guess I’m sort of pretty, too, as two breeders have asked Mummy to show me again in the adult group. She is not convinced, as they are long days of sitting around, waiting for your turn of 3-4 minutes. But she’s always glad to hear that I have a chance of taking 1st place.

I go to restaurants with Mummy and Daddy and lie quietly under the table. In the car you never hear a peep from me. Today we selected and chopped down our Christmas tree. The neighbors walked me to the copse while Mummy was teaching. There I was patient about the tree business and in the tent where they all satisfied their culinary wishes. On the way back Mummy let me off the leash and I flew through the fields, getting so dirty that she didn’t even have to tell me to go in the shower when we got home. I had just got cleaned up, when - on their way home from Lilly’s being picked up at the breeders‘ - Greta, her mother and Lilly arrived to get some puppy things I don’t need anymore. I’m two years old now! I was sweet with puppy Lilly and I think she liked me. We hope to see Lilly a lot in future and she can stay with us whenever she needs a hotel.

Greta and Róisín

Greta and Lilly

Greta and Lilly

Greta and Lilly


Photos on this page: Angi and Wolfram Richter (top and middle) and the Voss family (bottom)

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