Chapter 17 
(January 2017):

I am in the Terrier Magazine!






After a romp in the fields and digging up a mouse hole, I was a chocolate-brown doggie and was turning the shower into a mudhole, when Daddy brought me the January issue of Der Terrier (monthly magazine of our national terrier club „Klub für Terrier“).

Ta-Da! Page 17: a full page portrait of me with a text about the fair in Oldenburg (see last chapter). It was written by Angi Richter’s two Wheatens, who helped me to represent our breed at the Klub für Terrier stand and in the ring. I was very touched.  How kind of Holly and Jack!

Here is a translation of the magazine text:

Pet fair „Mein Tier“ (My Pet) in Oldenburg 2016

For the 3rd time we travelled the long distance from northern Bavaria to Oldenburg in Lower Saxony. We: that is two Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers „Holly“ and „Jack“ with our caregivers Angi and Wolfram.

Both of us were born in Osnabrück and visit our breeder at least once a year as well as our mid“wife“ Sebastian, who was also the moderator for the presentation „Which animal suits me best?“ at the pet fair „Mein Tier“. The animal psychologist does this with a great deal of knowledge on the subject and dedication to the terrier breeds. A number of people were fascinated by what he had to say and approached us after the presentation.

This year we also got to know Roberta Hoffman’s enchanting Róisín. She is a thoroughly charming Wheaten lady, who presented herself to all visitors with calm, friendly composure and even after the hundredth child, continued to be pleased to let everyone pat her fluffy teddy bear fur.

At our stand, beautifully decorated by the Osnabrück chapter of the national Klub für Terrier, any of the visitors‘ questions were answered by the terrier friends present in order to acquaint people with our wonderful terrier breeds. Thanks to the numerous terrier friends nearly all the 29 terrier breeds were represented that weekend in Oldenburg.

A heartfelt thank you to all the helpers and to those showing their terriers at the stand and in the ring, making this a really successful event.

A. Richter

(Holly and Jack are in the top small picture with their caretaker Angi.)


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